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Graffix, since 1988 the original waterpipe

Welcome to Graffix, we've been making waterpipes for over 25 years with our famous 420 clown! We are launching online in 2016 and want to re-introduce our famous tubes, steamrollers, pipes and brand new collection of 420 & 710 glass!

Made in the USA, our waterpipes are designed to last a life time while providing our customers with high quality products at low cost pricing.

As we launch our new website, we are excited to share our legendary acrylic waterpipes and steamrollers, while introducing our new line of glass products including Oil Rigs, Dab Rigs, Waterpipes and Handpipes!

For the first time in over 25 years of business ,we are proud to introduce our iconic collection online, check out the Graffix online store and thanks for stopping by!

Graffix Acrylic Waterpipe Graffix 420 Glass Graffix 710 Glass Graffix Pipes